Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reminders for your Labor Day Weekend!

Most people will be BBQing for the Labor Day weekend! Don't forget that it is not healthier to eat red meat more than once or twice per week, no matter what! Most people will hate me for this piece of advice, but your cholesterol and heart will thank me in the long run, I promise! That doesn't mean NO meat, so here are some great and healthier alternatives for your BBQs and carnivorous habits in general! 

Making hamburgers? How about substitute that ground beef with ground turkey. Same seasonings, but ground turkey OR (even healthier) ground turkey BREAST will offer a more nutritious approach to satisfying your burger-loving taste buds.

Steak? It is a little more expensive, but filet mignon is a much leaner and healthier alternative to regular fatty steaks. They are smaller (on average about 5 oz., which is an appropriate serving of meat!) You are getting your red meat in a way that is healthier and doesn't contain nearly the fat content or cholesterol of, let's say, a Rib-Eye or T-bone.

Now, I don't eat red meat period. Just my preference. I manage to substitute a majority of my meals that require beef, with turkey or chicken, or even turkey sausage. 

I'm not saying it's a crime and that you can never have another big, fat steak again, but just remember the key word "Moderation". Switch to some chicken breast for your BBQ, a much healthier and (even more cost effective) alternative. Turkey hotdogs, chicken breast, turkey burgers, there are so many other options and alternatives to red meat. (Keep in mind, this doesn't mean chicken or turkey in general, legs, thighs, and dark meat have just as much of the unhealthy stuff as red meat, but we will get into that another day) Look on the label of any frozen chicken dishes or (hot dog) and any other forms of turkey or chicken products you buy that are pre-made. The first ingredient will either say (dark meat OR white meat chicken), stick with the white meat! That's enough rambling on for this morning! Have a fun, safe Holiday weekend!

Keep in mind, if you leave comments with any questions, I will answer them in my next blog. 


Here is great and simple BBQ chicken recipe to get you started!

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