Saturday, September 4, 2010

Up and Running!

So, after much talk about how I was going to one day get my blog up and running, here it is!
A little background:
My name is Jillian Katnic. I am currently a nutrition major and have been interested in and educating myself about food for a long time. In a little over two years I will graduate with the title "Registered Dietitian" and can't wait! Throughout my life I have battled eating disorders and food related issues for many years and have reached a place today where I know it is possible to be comfortable with myself AND be healthy. I believe that by eating healthy, participating in physical activity and NOT depriving yourself, your weight loss goals can be attainable and done in a healthy manner. My dietician once told me, "Everything is good in Modertation" and that is the slogan I use today. You don't have to give up the "good stuff" to look great and feel healthy. I will be updated this blog as often as I can (hopefully starting a few times a week). I will post recipes, nutrition and fitness tips, ways to eat healthy 'on the go', and much, MUCH more! Enjoy! 



  1. Plume! I am excited to read all of your tips and im going to forward this, (with your permission thru my FB page) because, i think its awesome. I can't wait to read more!
    Happy Blogging <3


  2. Yea now that I've started my "less" sugar diet... lol I can follow some of your tips for healthier eating. I've been trying to curve Paul's and my eating habits, so far it's not eating out,and I don't drink anything with sugar in it; which is hard enough on it's own. Definitely not convenient with two kids... hey do you have any tips on kid friendly veggies? Madison just eats corn and broccoli tops?